Somizi and Mohale exchanged their vows on Thursday last week. It was billed as the most anticipated wedding of the year, with who’s who in showbiz attending.

It was a white wedding, not just in name, but also in the dresscode. Guests were expected to wear all white attire, and Somizi informed them of this beforehand.

Photos that started streaming in early showed that everyone had adhred to this dresscode, except one person… Cassper Nyovest.

The rapper attended the ceremony in black pants, black shirt and a light blue blazer. While the look was quite nice, it didn’t exactly fit the bill. Cassper received some backlash online.

Now coming to his defense is the person who should have been most offended.. Somizi.

Somizi has taken the blame for Cassper’s appearance, saying it was his fault that he did not communicate the dresscode to him.

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“One of my closest friends, Cassper Nyovest, he got some flack for coming to the wedding dressed in a different colour to the theme. I just want to say that it was not his fault at all. It was my fault,” said the radio host.

“So what happened is that I requested him to come perform at the wedding over the phone. When he agreed to perform, I did not hand over the information to the wedding planners so that they can send all the information that they sent to all the other guests. I was just communicating with him at the time, and whatever…”

Cassper had a rough time getting past security, but eventually he got in.

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