MohaleIf you thought it would end with their well publicized wedding, you were wrong. The trolls are not done with Mohale Motaung.

Mohale has had to deal with the ‘gold digger’ tag since he started dating Somizi. It is not just mentioned in whispers, but oftentimes to his face.

Last year there were many online voices that were actively urging the Idols SA judge not to marry his 23 year old sweetheart.

The voices became louder when Mohale appeared on Living The Dream With Somizi reality show.

If you thought the trolls would go away after they officially got married, you were wrong.

The latest incident happened this week on Thursday when Mohale tweeted that he had left his AirPods on the plane.

You could see from the replies that people do not believe he owns anything to his name, but rather depends on his husband for everything. It’s a subtle way of reminding him he’s in it for the money.

Don’t worry somizi will buy another airpods,” one person wrote.

Bae will buy new ones relax,” another commented.

It just shows that this is not going away.

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