Idols SA TwinsIdols SA twins Viggy and Virginia have responded to numerous comments by people calling them too ugly for the singing competition.

The two have had to deal with negative comments on social media ever since they stepped on the Idols stage. However, they have learnt to give little attention to the ‘haters’ and just continue working hard.

“I’ve never seen a talented person not make it to Idols because they were called ugly. Talent counts- beauty can be bought,” Virginia said during an interview with Drum Magazine.

She added that beauty was relative, and if you can’t see the beauty in someone, someone else will.

“At home, our parents, family and community give us the love we need and we have enough to share it with people who are unhappy. We were raised to love and respect people,” Virginia said.

Both twins made history by qualifying for the top 10 together.

“This is what we want. It is what we dream about. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we think about it music. I want to do what I love. Having my sister in the competition has been amazing. She coaches me and sometimes she looks at me like I am a master. I have loved it,” Viggy said last month in an interview with TshisaLive.

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