South African Airways has resumed flights from Johannesburg to Hong Kong, following resumption of normalcy at Hong Kong airport.

All flights had been suspended in Hong Kong, after protestors gained access to the airport and shut it down. Thousands of anti-government protestors stormed the airport on Monday, after which passengers were advised to leave the terminal buildings.

According to SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali, the airline was notified by Hong Kong authorities that normal operations had resumed, and that additional security measures had been taken at the airport to prevent a similar shut down.

“We welcome this development and are relieved to reinstate our operations. We will now be able to transport our passengers and provide air transport service to our customers following the suspension of services in the past two days,” Tlali said.

“The airline will provide all necessary assistance to all its booked passengers, including those who may need to travel to points beyond Johannesburg and Hong Kong. We are doing everything possible to facilitate travel for all passengers who could not travel in the last two days.”

What started as a protest against an extradition bill has morphed into a general demand for democratic reforms.

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