Minister of International Relations and Co-operation Lindiwe Sisulu, has warned that South Africa could be summoned to the International Criminal Court (ICC) due to the recent rise of xenophobic attacks.

Lindiwe was referring to the attacks in Durban that happened earlier this month.

According to Sisulu, these attacks were fueled by the struggle for resources between poor natives and foreigners.

Lindiwe gave the warning to a gathering of African diplomats, whom she urged to encourage their citizens in the country to abide by South African norms. She also begged natives to be friendly and accommodating to immigrants.

She said that if the attacks continued, she could be summoned to the ICC to explain the violence. She insisted that these attacks should cease immediately, saying, “They don’t give us a good name at all.”

Lindiwe also explained why South Africa downgraded its embassy in Israel.

The ANC administration, during a policy conference in 2016, decided to act against Israel if the European nation did not end its Palestine occupation. According to Lindiwe, downgrading the Israeli embassy was SA’s way of taking action against Israel.

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