Roxy Burger Shares Her Family Struggles Battling Covid- 19

Roxy Burger Shares Her Family Struggles Battling Covid- 19

Roxy Burger

TV host Roxy Burger has opened up about her Covid-19 battle. The media personality took to Instagram to let fans in on her recent fight to recover from the virus after she revealed that her entire family had been exposed to it. Roxy was keen to remind her followers that the pandemic is not over.

“I know I’ve been quiet … So this is me, wearing a mask in my home 24/7, trying to protect our children, while we get over Covid-19. Take this as a gentle warning: this pandemic is not over. I am so careful. I limit my exposure. I am the most paranoid person. I sanitise everything. I barely go anywhere. We help our nanny with private transport so that she can get to work safely. Infection rates are low. And we all still caught this virus. We have no idea from where. Level 1 does not mean that corona has disappeared,” she said.


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An emotional Roxy said the hardest thing for her was the fear of how the virus would affect her children.

“This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through, I was petrified to even hold my baby. I can’t hug or kiss Ady. Finn had a sky high fever over the weekend — we couldn’t break it and had to take him to casualty (we were discharged once given meds and fever was controlled). He may have it since all three of his primary caregivers tested + but we can’t be sure without a swab, it’s likely,  but we have decided not to test him because we are isolating as a family and both my kids had already been exposed before we knew we were +. Plus I really don’t think my anxiety could handle it,” she said.

Roxy ended the lengthy post y reminding her followers to not lax on Covid-19 safety regulations and to take care of the vulnerable around them. She shared that her entire family is well, with only her and her husband suffering mild symptoms.

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