Rachel KolisiJust a reminder that Covid-19 is not an adult-only virus.

Businesswoman and wife of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi, Rachel Kolisi has revealed that two more of her family members have tested positive for the virus.

Their youngest daughter Keziah and Siya’s sister Liphelo are now part of the grim statistic of over 1 million South Africans who have tested positive for the virus.

While her daughter is not showing symptoms, Liphelo (13) is not so lucky and has all symptoms you would expect in an adult.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Rachel also gave an update on her own Covid diagnosis. She revealed that she had completed her 14 days of isolation but the symptoms have not fully disappered.

She said there has been improvements, but the sore throat is yet to disappear and she stills runs out of breath really quickly.

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Here’s her post.

A quick update because there’s lots of requests!

I finished 14 days in isolation (10 is the recommended period) but I didn’t feel ready to be out yet so did a few more days. My taste and smell are slowly returning but definitely not there yet. My throat is sore, I still sound like I have sinus, and I still run out of breath really quickly but the pain in my chest starting easing up on day 10 🙏🏼

BUT. We tested the whole family to make sure everyone was healthy and safe Liphelo (13) and Keziah (3) tested positive. The virus – I don’t know what strain of it – but Covid is definitely affecting kids too. Liphelo has had full on adult symptoms and it’s been rough. Keziah, praise the Lord didn’t seem to have any symptoms at all and is her usual happy self, the advice we have received is that kids under 13years can’t transfer the virus.

Just a reminder I’m not a Covid expert I’m simply sharing my experience to keep awareness out there. I’m going to set up more live chats with medical professionals and their experiences with Covid and will keep you posted on these in my stories 🙏🏼


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