Tresor South AfricaEarly this month, South African singer Tresor was the unfortunate victim of a carjacking.

The incident took place at Linden at around 8:30pm. Tresor was in the company of fellow artist Batundi.

According to an Instagram post he made the following day, they were both held at gunpoint, cuffed and kept in the boot for hours. They were only released at 4am in the morning after the gunmen were done cleaning out their bank accounts.

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Last Night, whilst dropping off fellow artist Batundi from my label Jacquel Music Group, in Linden – I was involved in a car hijacking and we were both kidnapped and robbed in Linden. The incident took place in the evening at 8:30pm. We only got released at approximately 4am in a hostel area in Soweto. The perpetrators held us at gunpoint, hand cuffed us and kept us in the boot for hours on end as they cleaned out our bank accounts. By Gods grace, we have survived and we are alright. They have unfortunately taken the vehicle along with other items that were in the car. The vehicle is currently still being tracked in an attempt to recover it. Please be on the look out for a white Range Rover Evoque with the number plate DM 08 ZC GP. Please contact Linden Police on 011 888 9211 if you have any information. All your help is appreciated. Much Love, TRESOR. || @Jacquelmusicgroup @TheAloreGroup

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After two weeks of waiting, the singer has confirmed that police have recovered his car and arrested the suspects.

On Monday he posted, “Thank you all for the messages and reaching out to me post the hi-jacking.

Your support over the past weeks has been incredible!

I am happy to report that together with your help, the police have been able to recover the vehicle and arrest the suspects.

The investigation is still on-going but there has been great progress.

Both Batundi and I are well; we are both back in studio doing what we love – making music!

Excited to share Soon. Thank you for the support and love .

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