latest fuel prices south africaSouth Africa’s Department of Energy has announced a slight increase in petrol prices, taking effect on Wednesday, August 7.

The price of all grades of petrol will go up by by 11 cents a litre. However, diesel prices will go down by 14 cents a litre, effective on the same date.

Owing to the fact that retail diesel prices are not regulated, the department only releases wholesale prices. The difference between one fuel station and the next can vary spectacularly, in some cases by over R1 per litre. It’s therefore advisable to keep your eyes open for the best deals.

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Based on the average of 10 stations, as calculated by IOL, this is what you can expect to pay.

South Africa Fuel Prices

Inland Price per litre
Petrol: 93 Unleaded R15.72
Petrol: 95 Unleaded R15.92
Diesel: 50ppm (wholesale) R14.37
Diesel: 50ppm (forecourt estimate) R15.95 
Coast Price per litre
Petrol: 95 Unleaded R15.28
Diesel: 50ppm (wholesale) R13.93
Diesel: 50ppm (forecourt estimate) R15.51

In October last year, fuel prices in South Africa reached an all time high. We’re now only just over a Rand lower than that, but bad news might be coming in September.

This is because so far in August, the Rand has depreciated faster than can be offset by falling crude oil prices. September prices will be determined by what happens to the Rand and oil prices in August.

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