Telkom is adjusting its prices for various offerings.

Starting September 1, 2019, the telco will increase prices for ADSL, voice services and line rentals.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) customers will however enjoy a slight price reduction.

The slowest package, Unlimited Home 10Mbps FTTH will now cost R799, down from R806.

The fastest package, Unlimited Home 100Mbps FTTH will go down from R1,713.90, to 1,699.

FTTH Unlimited Home Bundles
Consumer FTTH Unlimited Home Bundles Current Price New Price from 1 September 2019
Unlimited Home 10Mbps FTTH R806.01 R799.00
Unlimited Home 20Mbps FTTH R1,007.76 R999.00
Unlimited Home 40Mbps FTTH R1,310.39 R1,299.00
Unlimited Home 100Mbps FTTH R1,713.90 R1,699.00

For the price increases, this is how the new pricing looks across various offerings.

Voice Services
Service Current Price New Price from 1 September 2019
Line Rental R200.74 R210.00
Line Rental and Evening & Weekend Plan R217.89 R228.00
Line Rental and Anytime Plan R271.35 R284.00
Line Rental and Anytime Extra Plan R352.05 R368.50
Line Rental and Anytime Plus Plan R432.76 R452.50
Line Rental and Unlimited Plan R604.25 R632.00


Do Bundles on Copper Services
Consumer xDSL Softcap Bundles Current Price New Price from 1 September 2019
1Mbps + 10GB – Do Lite R282.00 R295.00
2Mbps + 20GB – Do Basic R412.59 R439.00
4Mbps + 40GB – Do Advanced R563.90 R589.00
8Mbps + 100GB – Do Advanced Plus R695.05 R719.00
10Mbps + 100GB – Do Premium R705.13 R739.00
20Mbps + 100GB – Do Elite R806.01 R829.00
40Mbps + 200GB – Do Elite Plus R1,007.76 R1,029.00


DSL Uncapped: Unlimited Home Bundles
Consumer DSL Unlimited Home Current Price New Price from 1 September 2019
2Mbps Uncapped R598.20 R629.00
Unlimited Home 4Mbps DSL R604.26 R649.00
Unlimited Home 8Mbps DSL R785.83 R819.00
Unlimited Home 10Mbps DSL R806.01 R849.00
Unlimited Home 20Mbps DSL R1,007.76 R1,039.00
Unlimited Home 40Mbps DSL R1,310.39 R1,339.00

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