South Africa is set to see significant change in the education sector with the establishment of the first 3D virtual school. The IVA Global 3D virtual school was founded by John Luis in October. John Luis is an academic who was previously the head of academics at ADvTECH group of schools which boasts of Trinity House and Crawford School. The school’s fees start from R24,990 for pre-school to R29,990 from grade 4 to grade 13 or A levels matric.

In the school, children and teachers interact through avatars. Though lessons are virtual, students will be required to physically dress their avatars and take them to school. The avatar has the capability of walking up to the teachers to ask questions as well as engaging with fellow students. There is also an e- sport feature that will see the students which enables students to team up and play different games.

John said that founding the school was necessitated by the growing need of learners to take ownership of learning, the desire for them to manage their own time and academic work. This is a change from the traditional system where students rely on a timetable to tell them what to do.

Luis said the school is currently investigating simulation which may see the addition of real-life situations that would otherwise be dangerous, such as fire drills and dangerous chemistry experiments.

“I think that is going to give the student a phenomenal leap with regards to their understanding. To be able to make mistakes in a simulated environment without fear that they can’t,” he said.