Former president Kgalema Motlanthe says that the ANC party has done wrong and for it to regain its energy, it needs to lose in the upcoming elections.

He noted that ANC needs time to reexamine its political strategies. He also acknowledged that May’s election will be a tough one for all parties because most of the voters are young people who are not attached to any party that much.

He added that they will scrutinize the parties very closely making the election tough to all the parties. The former president said this in an interview with Eyewitness news when launching one of his foundation’s initiatives.

He also said that ANC is attempting to present a united front to attract more voters. “Coming together and sharing your ideas is the best strategy you can use for an effective election campaign. For any party to win this election, cooperation among members and proper execution of duties, is all you require.” Motlanthe added.

He went further and stressed that poor planning of the campaign strategies could cost the party a lot.

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