“I Put Effort In Everything I Do,” Shauwn Mkhize Shuts Down Claims That She Paid For ‘Uzalo’ Gig

“I Put Effort In Everything I Do,” Shauwn Mkhize Shuts Down Claims That She Paid For ‘Uzalo’ Gig

Shauwn MkhizeBusinesswoman and reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize has made it clear that her riches do not buy her opportunities as she works very hard for them. This follows the backlash she received after landing her first ever acting gig on SABC 1’s hit telenovela Uzalo.

The entrepreneur and reality TV star says she is a hard worker and hustler who chases opportunities instead of the other way round. She denounced claims from naysayers who said she did not deserve her Uzalo job because she has zero talent.

In a recent interview with a local publication, she asked a rhetorical question which says,

“How many people have money but are not in the spaces I am?”

She admitted that although she might have all the money she could ever want, money is not the centre of her universe as it cannot but her everything she needs.

“At the end of the day I am human and I put effort in everything I do. It is not because there’s money. But, you know, people will always want to attach money to everything I do, like everything is based on money.”

The star plays a wealthy businesswoman who has her eyes set on taking KwaMashu Kingdom Church. She admitted that she did not audition for the role and that Uzalo’s production team headhunted her.

“I’m actually feeling excited, dying to see how the final thing eventually came out,” MaMkhize said.

Unlike those who queue at casting stations, Shauwn did not audition for the part. She was phoned by the producers of the show, and she jumped at the opportunity to be to be part of a soapie where two families battle for the soul of KwaMashu Township which provides the backdrop for the drama, betrayal, deceit, and discontent that unravels.

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