kitchen renovation south africa 1They say the kitchen is the heart of the home.

In modern houses, the kitchen serves as the room that brings the family together, perhaps even more than the living room.

The kitchen also holds the title of the room that is most commonly renovated by homeowners. Perceptions of what a kitchen should be have changed, especially as South Africans have become more exposed to how they are designed in more advanced countries.

Traditionally, a kitchen was kept out of sight, a smokey room for the help to prepare dishes, separated from the living area. Today, walls have been torn down and the kitchen is now the centre-piece.

South African homeowners with old-fashioned houses are more and more opting to upgrade their kitchens.

This is what you should expect if you take this path.

What is the cost of renovating a kitchen in South Africa?

The cost of renovating your kitchen will depend on may things. How big it is, the extent of the renovation and the fixtures and appliances to be included.

For a small kitchen, this price may be as low as R10 000, to a high of R100 000, while medium kitchen may see a high of R200 000.

This is the range most South African house will fall.

However, there are those who are really putting on a show, spending upwards of R250 000 just to remodel and renovate their kitchens. These tend to be wealthy South Africans with a lot of disposable income, and often it is this group that does the most renovations, thus skewing the average cost.

Plumbers put the average cost of a kitchen renovation in South Africa at about R200 000.

This is how that money breaks down:

Cabinetry and cupboards: R75 000
Labour: R55 000
Worktops: R25 000
Electrical: R19 000
Plumbing: R18 000
Gas point: R5 000

For most kitchen remodels, the cabinets are usually the first to go, as they tend to be the most outdated pieces. That means removing and disposing them, and then installing brand new ones. This is almost always the single biggest expense, minus the appliances.

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Types of kitchen renovations

Some times, and certainly most times with South Africans, what the homeowner wants is not a complete remodel, but rather a partial one replacing just a couple of things they dislike.

This is what is might cost you if you are going on this path.

Cabinet installation – R1500 per metre
Faucet installation – R500 – R1000
Flooring – R75 per square metre
Sink replacement – R800
Backsplash installation – R300
Countertop installation – Depends*

Replacing your kitchen countertop

Countertops deserve a separate mention. This is because for most partial kitchen remodels, countertops receive the most attention from homeowners. In fact, a survey by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen found that countertops receive 72% of the remodeling budget.

It makes sense because this is where the food is prepared, and perhaps even eaten, as is the case with a kitchen island.

kitchen renovation south africa
Modern kitchen with an island

You will have these choices for your countertop.

1. Marble – This is the most expensive countertop material commonly used. You will however not find it in many South Africa kitchens, not only just because of its price, but also because of its maintenance.

Marble is graded based on its visual appearance and aesthetics. A square metre of marble will set you back about R3000. So if you have a large countertop, that price can quickly add up.

2. Granite – This is the most commonly used countertop material in South Africa. It is also graded by appearance, but overall a square metre of marble may cost you a third the price of marble.

3. Quartz – These kinds of countertops fall between granite and marble price-wise. They are however not that common in the country.

4. Concrete – Concrete is getting more popular as a choice of kitchen countertop around the word. The fact that it can be molded into practically any shape means this trend will only accelerate.

Another advantage is that it looks almost like granite, which may help if you have a slightly lower budget.

5. Wood – This is quite common especially on kitchen island countertops, since they also serve as a dining table of sorts. If you are looking for a rustic feel, this will be your best bet.

6. Stainless steel – Not very common, but steel can also be used as a countertop. If you are looking for that commercial kitchen vibe, go for it.

Benefits of renovating your kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen comes with several advantages:

/ Reduced electricity bill – This applies if you upgraded your appliances to the most energy efficient ones in the market.

/ Modern appearance – Your home can now join the league of modern houses.

/ Enhanced comfort – If well designed, a remodeled kitchen can bring extreme comfort to your house. Simple organization tools like a knife rack can change a lot.

/ Increased home value – It is said that the kitchen sells the house. Remodeling yours ensures your house will not stay in the market for too long, when the time comes to sell.

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