This past Tuesday saw Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Yes, it’s been two years since the two became husband and wife. Taking to their popular YouTube channel, The Ndlovu Uncut, Steph and Hungani gave us a glimpse into what they got up to on their special day and most-importantly shared advice about love.

“How did you know that you loved me?” Posed Hungani this deep question to the love of his life.

“I don’t know I just knew. It wasn’t a specific sign or something I just knew.” Answered Steph.

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The actress also gave her definition of what love means. “Love is not always butterflies and rainbows. Love is bliss. Love is work, it requires commitment, it requires courage.”

Hungani’s wife added that their first two years of marriage haven’t been without challenges it requires a lot of work. “Though we are celebrating our second anniversary, it hasn’t been without challenges. But because we choose each other every single day, even when we feel like giving up, we don’t give up that’s our encouragement.” She said.

“To each and every single one of you guys, no matter what relationship you’re in, whether it’s romantic or a friendship – if it’s really worth it, keep working at it and treat each other well. Be intentional about how you love the person you claim you love and be kind to one another.”

Mzansi’s favourite couple spent their special day together and went out to a an lunch/dinner.