Social media personality and Reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza’s Twitter account was hacked by an unknown person. It had been assumed that Lasizwe had deactivated the account last week after being trolled by followers for having posted a picture of himself, saying small butts matter.

Tanaka Dennis, a member of Lasizwe’s team clarified the deactivation pointing out that the star’s account had been hacked before New Year.

“Lasizwe’s account was hacked on New Year’s Eve. He tried to log in to post ahead of the New Year to wish his fans a happy New Year, but to our surprise he couldn’t log in,” Tanaka explained to the Daily Sun.

Tanaka explained that it was the attempts to log in by unknown parties that led to Twitter deactivating the account. After deactivation, Lasizwe’s team had to contact Twitter and the account’s verification process lasted 7 days.

“We got in touch with people from Twitter immediately and had been back and forth communication from the 1st until the 7th of January, as the process was long to verify the account,” Tanaka said

The account was finally recovered on 8th January, albeit losing some followers.

Lasizwe took to his Twitter account to explain that he had been hacked but was now back online and had missed his Twitter followers.