Joe KazadiJoe Kazadi is tired of being bombarded with constant questions about his wife. The former The Queen actor says he is fed up of being flooded by skeptical questions as to whether he is really a single father raising his daughter alone.

The Congo-born actor wonders why people find it to believe that a man can raise his daughter when the mother is absent.

“Why is it so hard for people to believe that a single dad can stay with his daughter even if the mom isn’t there?”

“I hope that this finally clears up (any confusion). I stay with my daughter, all alone. There’s no woman in this house. I am a single father. I hope this clips all the chit chat, I’m done and I don’t wanna talk about this anymore,” he added.

Joe Kazadi

He said that he has learnt all there is to taking care of a little girl, from feeding to bathing to doctor’s appointments.

The 29 year old further urged men to be responsible and take care of their kids, whether the mother is available or not.

“It doesn’t mean if your relationship with the mother didn’t work you should stop being a responsible father. It is your responsibility as a man to look after your own … whether your relationship works out or not.”

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