ThickleeyonceWe all have different experiences when it comes to online dating.

People have found varying levels of success on Tinder, while others have totally failed. It can be particularly challenging when you are well known, yet go to look for love on the platform.

That’s something social media influencer and plus-size model Lesego “Thickleeyonce” Legobane found out the hard way.

She recently went on Twitter to give her personal experience on the dating platform.

She said that upon signing up, people recognized her immediately and started asking her what ‘a girl like her’ was doing on Tinder.

“I remember when I joined tinder and niggaz were like “Thickleeyonce is it really you? Wow what‘s a girl like you doing here”
I deleted it immediately lmao !” she wrote.

She did not say whether she matched anyone successfully for the brief period she was there.

However, she does not hold a completely negative view of Tinder. When one fan replied that the app is ‘ghetto’, Thickleeyonce told her that one of her friends met her future husband there.

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