Lady ZamarLady Zamar is taking things in stride after her very public altercation with DJ Maphorisa earlier this week.

The two got into a twar when the DJ claimed that Zamar does not own her music masters. The 24 year old soon promised to block anyone who spoke rubbish about her or to her.

Dear Twitter users who aren’t Zamartians.. I will block you if you speak rubbish about me, to me, try to be sublime or shady or fake deep or mention me with stupidity. Do it at your own peril You have been warned.. AGAIN,” she wrote.

Days later, she was back to doing what she does best.. living her best life.

On Thursday, the singer shared with her 1.1 million Instagram followers a look into her shoe collection. She calls herself a shoe addict, and it’s clear why.

Walk a mile in my shoes⭐️ #shoesaddict,” she posted.

Lady Zamar shoes

It is unclear how many pairs she has, but that’s over 100 right there. From sneakers, to boots, to heels, to sandles… she has them all.