Is Drake Really Coming To South Africa?

Is Drake Really Coming To South Africa?

There was a collective meltdown on Tuesday after word went round that Canadian superstar Drake was coming to South Africa.

It is unclear how the news went viral, but the origin can be traced back to some Twitter posts and blog reports.

There was even a complete breakdown of how much the tickets will cost, with the general tickets apparently going for R575 and the highest VIP ticket going for R17,991.

From the reports, Drake was to grace 3 South African cities; Johannesburg on March 18, Durban on March 20, and Cape Town on March 22.

However, as soon as the news broke, cautious people started raising the red flag.

The ticket booking website responsible for the sale looked 100% shoddy, and was actually registed less than a month ago.

As of this writing, the site has been redirected to Stubhub, a legit American ticket site, perhaps to confuse potential victims even further.

Before it could go far, this was exposed as another scheme to defraud South Africans.

Drake has no planned concerts in the country, so you’d do best to save that one dance for another time.

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