Public Holidays in South AfricaPublic holidays in South Africa are determined by the Public Holidays Act (Act No 36 of 1994). Whenever a holiday falls on a Sunday, the act declares the following Monday to be a public holiday.

The following is the list of public holidays for the year 2020 in South Africa

New Year’s Day

Celebrated on 1st January. To mark the beginning of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated by fireworks and parades when people also reflect on their past and usher in the future.

Human Right’s Day

Celebrated on March 21st.

South African Human Rights Commission is established by the South African constitution to oversee, uphold, promote and respect human rights. The commission was launched in 21st March 1996.

Good Friday

To be celebrated on 10th April 2020. It is a day off for the general South African population as it is a public holiday. Schools and most businesses normally remain closed.

Family Day

To be celebrated on 13th April, 2020. It is also known as Easter Monday and was renamed Family Day in 1995. People celebrate the importance of being as a family on this day and they spend time with their loved ones.

Freedom Day

Celebrated on 27th April.

Freedom Day commemorates the first-ever democratic elections in South Africa which were held in 27th April 1994.

Workers’ Day

Celebrated on May 1st, workers day recognizes and appreciates South African workers for their efforts to form a united nation by struggling for a democratic, non-racial and prosperous nation.

Youth Day

Celebrated on 16th June

Previously known as Soweto Day, Youth Day commemorates events that took place on June 16th, 1976 where several people mostly youths were killed and property destroyed following protests by more than 20,000 students who were advocating for better learning conditions.

National Women’s Day

Celebrated on 9th August

Before 1986, Pass laws required black people to provide documents which served as proof that they were allowed to access a white area. This day is celebrated to commemorate the day when women participated in the nationwide march to protest against the pass laws.

Heritage Day

Celebrated on 24th September

Heritage constitutes that which is passed down to us from other generations. Heritage day in South Africa is celebrated to recognize the South African culture, historical inheritance, the local language, food, and land. During the Heritage Day celebrations, the government comes up with a theme.

Day Of Reconciliation

Celebrated on 16th December

This day came about when the Voortrekkers faced the Zulu in battle on 16th December. They vowed that they would build a worship place and they and their descendants would observe this day should they get the victory. In the battle between the Voortrekkers and the Zulus, numerous lives were lost but the Voortrekkers claimed victory as they had the advantage of gun powder.

Christmas Day

Celebrated on 25th December, this day is observed by South African Christians and other Christians across the globe. It’s a day for remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, who is at the center of Christianity.

Day Of Goodwill

Celebrated on 26th December, the Day of Goodwill allows people to give back to society in South Africa immediately after the Christmas day. Before 1994, the day of Goodwill was known as Boxing Day.