Boity ThuloRapper and TV personality Boity Thulo on Wednesday took on a viral thread that sought to find out what questions people hate being asked.

South Africans on Twitter gave answers ranging from, ”Tell us about yourself”, to ”When are you having a child”, to ”How are you single?”, and even ”When are you getting married”.

Boity had a unique question she despises, but as a public figure, quite commonly asked during media interviews.

“Where do you see yourself in __ years?” Let me see how this month ends, bruh! We will see where to from there” she wrote.

A good number of her 2.6 Twitter followers agreed, as the tweet received almost 2,000 likes.

I will see myself in the mirror like all other years,” one person replied.

Another one wrote, ”I always dodge that question, because really. Nothing is entirely in my hands and powers on this thing called life.”

Well, for fans and journalists, there’s one question you should never ask her.

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