At least three videos showing brutality of a teacher towards her children have gone viral on social media.

The video shows the caregiver slapping and punching little kids repeatedly, in what is believed to be a crèche in West Rand. In the first one, the woman unleashes slaps on a small boy who appears to be cleaning a table.

In another video, the same woman is seen striking a little boy and pulling him by his clothes as she cleans the carpet.

An Upset Gauteng Education official, Panyaza Lesufi, reacted to the videos and called on action to be taken against that woman. Lesufi labelled the videos as ‘disgusting’ and demanded the crèche and the teacher tracked down.

The videos were also condemned by the Social Development Department on a Facebook post appealing to anybody with more information about the crèche to speak out. “We want to condemn the abuse of children and wish to ask members of the public to identify the school and the caregiver who is seen forcing toddlers to clean their classroom while meting out the harshest punishment to the children”, the department wrote.

The department is reported to have later tracked down the premises, and sent officials. Their visit was however unreceived, and it remains unclear whether follow ups have been made.

The videos also received reactions from the angry and shocked public.

See Reactions below.

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