The CCMA has ordered the EFF in the North West to pay 11 month’s worth of salary to one of their employee who was unjustly fired. Maggis Klaas (the fired employee) told the CCMA that she was dismissed after she failed to ‘greet her manager’, Bungus Ntsangani, who is the EFF’s chief whip in the North West.

Klaas is also said to have failed to relocate from the EFF’s legislature office to the provincial office even after being ordered to do so.

”Bungus verbally and physically abused me,” Klaas said. Bungus also reportedly engaged Klaas in a physical altercation, when one morning Klaas reported to work late. Klass reported to the EFF management, but since then, no action has been taken against Ntsangani.

However, despite the EFF giving reasons as to why they fired Klaas, CCMA found that she was dismissed unfairly. EFF has since been ordered to pay Klaas 11 months worth of salary totaling to R102,300 by the end of this month.

Klaas expressed her relief when CCMA ruled in her favour. However, the EFF was anything but, and have promised to appeal.

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