Cape Town – On Wednesday morning, a group of robbers were unsuccessful in an attempt to hijack a delivery truck in Long Market Street. The plan was foiled by members of the public and a couple of CCID (Central City Improvement District) officers.

According to eye witnesses, the hijackers attempted to steal the delivery truck using a pellet gun. The public ambushed the thieves, who were taken away from the scene by the CCID officers.

Muneeb Hendricks, the CCID Safety and Security Manager reported that the CCID patrol officers suspected something was not right when the alleged thieves struggled with operating the delivery truck.

The public safety officer immediately called for backup and approached the truck. This resulted in the suspects fleeing the scene with the officer in pursuit. The officer apprehended the driver on the corner of Hout and St. George’s mall and a replica firearm and knife was found in his possession,” Hendricks explained.

It is thought that 3 suspects were involved in the attempted robbery. Two of them are still on the run.

“Due to the diligence and alertness of the patrolling CCID public safety officer and the quick reaction by the CCID response team, a serious crime and a potential public disaster was averted. We would like to commend our officers for their prompt and professional manner in which they handled the hijacking,” Hendricks said.