Over the weekend, former president Jacob Zuma led his family in attending a wedding celebration at Nkandla.

It is unclear who the beautiful ceremony belonged to, but the couple is thought to be part of the larger family, for the former first family to agree to host their big day.

Tobeka Madiba Zuma was on Instagram with tons of photos of the wedding, writing to her over 130,000 followers, ”ts a wedding day, two cultures come together as one and two hearts beating as one. Love is a beautiful thing, if you allow it to flourish naturally.”

In another post, she wrote, ”Issa wedding reception with my date and kideos.How beautiful it is witness love unfolding naturally. What started of as a kiss ending with two hearts beating as one. May you draw lessons from your parents because love is patient aluzifuneli okwalo, it needs to be nurtured and protected. 27years has not always perfect but enjoyable years of my life. To see love grows with deep routes has been fulfilling. We wish you nothing less than a beautiful life enjoying God’s protection.”

Here are some photos from the wedding.

Photos courtesy of Tobeka Madiba Zuma