VIDEO: Woman Pees Inside FNB Branch After Finding Locked Toilets

VIDEO: Woman Pees Inside FNB Branch After Finding Locked Toilets

Banks and providing washroom facilities do not always go hand in hand. Just like their tendency not to trust customers with pens.

This was the case at an FNB bank branch when a female customer in need of relieving herself found locked doors. The incident reportedly happened last month at FNB’s Kempton Park branch.

In the video that has since gone viral, the woman is heard complaining that she has waited for over an hour with no assistance. She then decides to help herself right there and in full view of the bank’s customers and staff.

Watch below.

FNB has released a statement confirming the incident.

CEO of FNB Points of Presence Lee-Anne van Zyl said, “We can confirm that the matter has been addressed directly with the customer concerned… The bank discourages the circulation of the video to safeguard the dignity of the customer.”

The bank however insists that lack of washroom facilities for customers is purely for security reasons.

“FNB further confirms that, for security reasons, customers are encouraged to make use of public restrooms in nearby shopping centres and other areas where our branches are located.”

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