This is How To Get Your FNB Confirmation Letter

This is How To Get Your FNB Confirmation Letter

Wondering how to get First National Bank (FNB) confirmation letter online? Well, this is the ultimate guide on the process of obtaining an FNB confirmation letter online using the FNB app and online banking.

A bank confirmation letter is issued by banks and other financial institutions to confirm ownership of the account, the existence of a loan, and a line of credit – the preset borrowing limit that can be accessed by the customer at any moment when in need of a loan.

How a bank confirmation letter works

A bank confirmation letter is issued on purpose by financial institutions upon the request of a third party, specifically the auditors and lenders, to prove the ownership of a bank account, the accuracy of transaction flow, and account balances.

It indicates that the customer has enough financial resources to complete a transaction or make payments in regard to a particular project such as tenders, mortgage, or car finance. This means that it has no dual use and can only be used to ink a deal stated in the confirmation letter.

Usually, bank confirmation letters in South Africa are signed by official bank representatives to attest authenticity and permit their use legally.

Uses of a bank confirmation letter in South Africa

In South Africa, a bank confirmation letter is usually requested by realtors when a customer wants to buy land or acquire a mortgage facility to gauge financial capabilities; the ability to pay.

Also, the ‘bank comfort letter’ is prepared when a customer engages in commodities transactions as it assures a high probability that they will pay for the goods and services acquired within their limits as stipulated in the crucial document that portrays account balances and previous transactions.

It should also be noted that bank confirmation letters are used in auditing the customers’ accounts when vouching for the nature and balance of the cash at the bank. Auditors usually advise financial institutions to disclose details for the investments, loans, and leasing arrangements that clients get for accurate reporting.

How to get FNB confirmation letter online

The First National Bank (FNB) confirmation letters are issued upon the requisition of a customer. After requesting it through the FNB app or online banking channel, FNB will prepare the letter with appropriate signatures and provide it to you.

Here is how you can get your FNB confirmation letter:

How to get your FNB confirmation letter using FNB app

To use this method, you must download and install the FNB banking app on your gadget, then proceed with the following steps:

1. Log into your FNB banking app
2. Select ‘Accounts’ and click the arrow next to your preferred account
3. Under ‘Accounts,’ select ‘Account Confirmation Letter’
4. Download the FNB Account Confirmation Letter

How to get your FNB confirmation letter using online banking

1. Visit and log in using your username and password
2. Click on ‘My Bank Accounts’ and select the bank account number you require an account confirmation letter for
3. Tap ‘Account to Verify’
4. Select ‘Settings’
5. Go to Bank Letters: Click on ‘Account Confirmation Letter’
6. Download