Former Generations actor Thabiso Mokhethi and his wife Gaaratwe have decided to call it quits. Thabiso, however, didn’t want to reveal what led to the split.

“We’re working to seek out amicable ways to co-parent our three kids. What we’re doing is for our youngsters. We’ll still get along and there’s nothing I can do if my wife seems like moving on without me,” said Thabiso.

He said it had been painful as he loved his wife considerably.

“Obviously divorce isn’t ideal and is painful. I’m hurting. I’m browsing a painful experience, but I don’t overlook the very fact that there are kids who need me to be strong for them during this difficult time.” Thabiso Mokhethi

In a previous interview, Thabiso admitted to beating his wife while he was fighting depression and on drugs after losing his mum and brother during a crash. But they made up. He said it had been his wife who decided to go away their marriage and house.

“We’re understanding the small print of how I’ll be ready to see my kids.”

Gaaratwe commented on the issue and said:

“We’ve tried to form it work and find ways of handling the items that were causing an opportunity down in our marriage, but we couldn’t. Our only priority now’s to seek out how to co-parent and be the simplest parents to them. tons went on during our marriage and that i believe when the items that made you fall crazy with someone are not any longer there, you leave. We tried our greatest, but it just didn’t compute.”

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