Actress Baby Cele has left Uzalo. Speaking to a local publication, the star reflected on her years playing the infamous Gabisile. Initially, Baby says her character wasn’t meant to deviously steal the show.

“You know what’s funny, when we started she wasn’t a villain. She was someone who wanted to make a difference in KwaMashu. She grew up there, disappeared for years and then came back. A good, spiritual, God-fearing woman and along the way, she changed. But I’m no writer so I didn’t complain,” said Baby.

Baby said that she didn’t have the heart nor strength to watch Gabisile’s final moments on TV before she was axed. The star said she is heartbroken to be parting ways with Gabisile as she has never played a character who has made an impact on her. She is also sad to say farewell to the cast and crew of Uzalo, who are like family to her.

“It breaks my heart to be honest with you because I have never played such a character before. Leaving Uzalo is like losing my family. I was telling someone that it’s like having a healthy baby only to be told I have to give it up for adoption. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the last episode,” Baby said.

For the role of Gabisile, Baby had to relocate to Durban. She said though there was some resistance to the move, looking back there weren’t too many problems that got in the way of doing what’s best. She said the move helped her grow spiritually

“At first, I thought I was going to face challenges. I had just got married then I had to move. I remember I signed the contract without talking to my husband about it. But afterwards, we spoke about. He was a bit angry for a few minutes but then he agreed,” she said.

But Baby’s fans need not worry because even though she isn’t permitted to give too many details, the star has a project at in the works which she will be working on for the next five months.