Nomalizwi Mhlongo, a transgender socialite, shared happy news of buying a bra for her growing breasts after being on medication for over six months.

“I wear size 46 (B). I’m super-excited to finally have breasts. Right now I can confidently say I’m a complete woman,” she said.

Nomalizwi also shared that her breasts did not grow at first despite taking medication.

“My breasts didn’t grow the first time I took the medication, but they did this time around.”

Nomalizwi said the experience of buying a bra for the first time was exciting yet tiring. She shared that she paid close to R1 000 for 2 bras without matching panties.

“I felt that it was a bit pricey, but I’m not complaining. My other disappointment was the fact that I couldn’t find matching bras and panties. I also had limited colour options due to my bra size,” she said.

In September, Noalizwe broke the news that she’s not gay, but transgender and had started taking medication to develop female hormones,” she shared.

“I’ve started taking medication to develop female hormones. I’ve started noticing small physical and psychological changes,” she shared.