On Monday, police arrested six people in the North West after they were allegedly accused of torching an electoral officers vehicle in Ganyesa.

The provincial police spokesman Brigadier Sabataa Mokgwabone said,”the incident has something to do with disruptions of voting processes and as a result, the vehicle ended up being torched,”

Sabataa confirmed that the vehicle was not wholly burnt, but investigations are going on. In another incident, he said that protesters had set ablaze an empty ballot box in Ikageng.

“Apparently a tent was being used as a voting station and unknown people went there and allegedly set alight that box. It was an empty box,” he added.

In addition, there were reported disruptions in Taung.

Officers have been deployed to various voting stations to prevent any disruption, Mokgwabone said.

At this stage, we have not received any reports of disruption. We still have our officers deployed on the ground,” he said

He, however, did not disclose when the six were expected to appear in court.