Former MP Zolile Xalisa was involved in a bitter exchange of words with his former party EFF on Monday.

The EFF sacked Xalisa after he accused the leadership of the party as an aristocratic leadership which mismanaged the party’s funds.

Malema is “running the party like his bedroom, kitchen, toilet, and yacht,” Xalisa claimed in his resignation letter, which was addressed to the party.

EFF was quick to respond to Xalisa’s claims through its spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

“It’s all lies. Xalisa is in (a similar) position as Rawula; he thought the leadership would push his name up in the Parliamentary list to be in the top 25. When his expectations were not met, he became disgruntled and now lies about the EFF.

“The question on financial statements is an easy one. Those are public information and Parliament would not give the EFF money without audited financial statements,” claimed the spokesperson.

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Xalisa is not the first to be at crossroads with the party over finances.

Thembinkosi Rawula also left the party amid a war of words over party funds. He had to resign after the EFF leadership left his name out from the National Assembly list.

In a statement made to the Independent, Xalisa said that he tried to alert the party’s leadership over the issue. However, the party could not make Malema accountable. He said that the presidential candidate was “untouchable within the party”.

“I have spoken to the leadership, but it is no use. Malema is untouchable; no one within the party questions him. The EFF has 9 non-negotiable pillars. Number seven talks about accountability, of which we don’t practice as the party inside. They only want to make the ANC accountable, but they are not practising what they are preaching. I cannot be part of that organisation any more,” said Xalisa.

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Despite having worked for the party’s central command team, Xalisa claims he cannot prove his allegations. His only proof would be the party’s financial statements. And, since he is not allowed access to these statements, it will be difficult for anyone to prove whether what he is claiming is true.

“The problem is when one is talking about allegations because I have indicated in my statement that there is no transparency in the EFF. As a member of the national executive committee, we haven’t received financial reports in all our meetings since 2014.

“When we had these meetings, we were supposed to get the reports. It is difficult to submit evidence. We don’t get these statements to tell us how the funds are accounted for,” Xalisa said.

Xalisa is accusing Malema and his deputy, Floyd Shivumbi of misappropriation of funds and the acceptance of funding from VBS Mutual Bank. When referring to the two he used the phrase, “the pair”, and said that the EFF was their “financial fishing net” and the party was an “antithesis of everything they support”.

Rawula wants the EFF to provide all audited financial statements of the last four fiscal years.

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