On February 23rd, Themane was attacked and killed by a group of school children in Polokwane. The 7 suspected minors had their heinous act recorded and the resulting video went viral on social media forcing their arrest.

Despite being accused of murder, a Polokwane magistrate court has released the seven school children on cash bail of R2k each with stringent conditions.

One of the condition was that the minors should not be involved in any violent act and they should be relocated out of Polokwane by their parents during their trial period

They were also restricted from visiting any school in Polokwane, and their parents advised to keep an eye on them all the time.

Advocate Makau, one of the state representative, did not question the bail granted by the court although Themane’s family was not happy about it.

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One of the family members, Kevin Pohotoma, expressed his disappointment to the media after the court decision. He said that the decision had already been made even before the accused were in the box.

You could see their facial expression and their parent body language,” he said. “It is very disappointing that even after committing such a heinous act, one can be set free (on bail). For the safety of other children, the state should have opposed the bail.

He added that it would be very hard to inform Themane’s parents who were not in court on Wednesday, about the court decision.

When Mashudu Malabi (NPA provincial spokesman) was questioned, he was unable to give good reasons concerning granting of the bail saying he was also not in the court on Wednesday.

The case was remanded to May 31.

In addition to the seven minors, two other adults are accused of Themane’s murder. They will also join the minors on May 31.

On Tuesday, they were granted bail of R1000 each by the Polokwane magistrate court. The two are Alfred Mothapo, 36, and Chuene Maleka, 37.

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