The City of Joburg is set to launch a Whatsapp hotline for members of the public to report incidents of reckless driving. The hotline will be operated by Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD).

People will be able to send pictures and videos of whenever they spot a reckless driver, which the police will then act on.

Mayor Herman Mashaba will provide more details on how it is expected to work, during launch.

“We are firstly very excited but I think this excitement is built on a lot of frustration and anger by our community and residents in and around the City of Johannesburg. Day in and day out we receive reports about a lot of reckless drivers on our roads, they even drive towards oncoming traffic and pavements.” he is quoted by Eyewitness News.

Meanwhile, JMPD has introduced ‘body lights’ that closely resemble the sirens on a police car.

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During the unveiling today, the department said the lights will ensure visibility for the officers, and prevent them from being causalities at the hands of reckless drivers.

The lights will be worn by all officers involved in traffic management and those who conduct roadblock and stop searches.

According to BusinessTech, the lights will affixed to an officer’s shoulder and will flash red and blue.

Here’s a clip from the unveiling.

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